Become a better runner

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3 ways to Learn the Pose Method

1. Clinics & Classes

Running is one of the most natural activities, but some of us run better than others. This is where Technique Specialists come in. Sometimes all you need is a bit of professional instruction and you will be able to optimize your technique, improve performance and avoid injuries!

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2. On-Demand Videos

We’re done with the DVD’s! Our newest videos are now available to you the minute they go live on our video channel. Ordering and waiting on a DVD to arrive is a thing of the past. Enjoy new material NOW!

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3. Books & E-Books

Here's your practical guide to becoming a better runner. This book will explain how the body was designed to run and teach you how to do it. You will learn how to master the skill of running, build stability and power, prevent and handle injuries, increase your speed and become your own coach.

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